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Was it George Carlin exactly who first told you: “When you can recall the 1960s; your were not very around

”? Shouldn’t the fresh new closing quotation for it column feel one thing even more rational such as for example Nietsche’s estimate: “ . . . when you consider a keen abyss, the new abyss along with checks your.” (I preferred to use the brand new Wile C. Coyote howl regarding depression, however,, sadly, it was not becoming.)

Today the fresh computer jockey will play “Save me,” “Scream myself a river,” and you may “Ocean regarding heartbreak.” We should instead wade come across a great VHS tape to tackle on the The newest Year’s Eve. Has actually a beneficial “ . . . exactly what if an equipped shield ended up being indeed there” method of week.

Remebering “Brand new Fugs”

“Fug You,” the 2011 book written by Ed Sanders, had completely gone stealth on the pop culture radar screen at the headquarters of the World’s Laziest Journalist until we noticed a remaindered copy for sale in the Half-Price Bookstore in downtown Berkeley CA, last week.