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Hatori was Chiaki’s manga editor and childhood friend that has been crazy about your for a long time

Sekaiichi hatsukoi try my personal inclusion towards BL genre, seeing that I’m a giant BL lover today I’m sure hatsukoi have to away from done something proper. Within this opinion I can primarily getting within the chief partners but usually mention additional character after new opinion. It opinion is even really thoughts created and could become bias, only an advance notice. This will be also my personal earliest feedback every thus specific views is greeting!

The anime pursue 3 more lovers, the main few getting Onodera Ritsu and you may Takano Masamune. Ritus is the man regarding a successful posting team who has got already been accused by his co-gurus from driving their father’s layer tails. Angered from this the guy quits his father’s organization and you may touches Marukawa Posting in order to find he is been placed in the brand new shoujo manga company despite are a literary works publisher in the past.

Then he discovers the heart crack is actually all the a misconception and Takano swears which he could make Ritsu state the guy loves your once more

New cartoon is an intimate funny than discusses the fresh new every single day lifestyle away from manga writers for the a good comedic style. The fresh combination of comedy and you will romance extremely fits together with her better and you will makes the comic strip a good time to watch.

Onodera Ritsu as a character for me was very refreshing.