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six.dos R. callenderi, Revueltosaurus-eg taxa, together with separated enamel condition

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The initial three profile says reinforce this new articulations amongst the face points of the chin musculature (Schumacher, 1973 ). The region of your own abducens will foramen try to start with hypothesized since the a possible synapomorphy support a good crocodylomorph + aetosaur clade private out of almost every other pseudosuchians (Gower, 2002 ), but more recent phylogenetic analyses, and ours, recommend that it apomorphy developed at least twice-after inside the aetosauriforms and once in crocodylomorphs. Yet not quantified in this data, a good dorsoventrally thickened skull rooftop (i.elizabeth., nasals, frontals, and you will parietals) is additionally mutual of the R. callenderi, erpetosuchids, and you will aetosaurs.

callenderi and aetosaurs express parallels on the proportions of the hindlimb in order to forelimb and you may model of the brand new humerus and you may proximal foot elements, regardless if those individuals similarities just weren’t unambiguous synapomorphies. Particularly, R. callenderi and aetosaurs share a shortened radius prior to brand new humerus, and a good concave rear epidermis of one’s calcaneal tuber, regardless if these types of apomorphies has actually a very widespread distribution among Archosauria. R. callenderi and you will aetosaurs show center trunk area vertebrae with diapophyses and you will parapophyses one to grow sideways in which each other articulations originate toward good transverse processes.