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Asami responded you to she treasured Korra, also

Korra are fiercely defensive of Asami, given that revealed when she went straight to this lady girlfriend’s services during the a battle instead of ending a spirit from assaulting Tokuga.

Asami later on advised Korra one she thought that so long as these people were together, they might overcome some thing, but Korra became flustered and kept their in order to the girl works, most likely given that she did not should mess one thing up. not, she later discussed Asami since the lady girlfriend towards first-time and you may informed Asami you to she was not looking to protect the girl aside off obligation, proclaiming that she cared on the this lady more she’d previously cared throughout the some body. Asami expected Korra to the a night out together, but this didn’t takes place, since the Asami was kidnapped by Tokuga. Korra is actually worried sick on her behalf, especially when Asami was used in order to single parent match mobil sitesi threaten Korra, and you will fought difficult to make an effort to look for their.

About three months after, Korra received Asami out through the Zhu Li’s election speech and you can advised the woman that there is one thing she would been frightened to state however, she wouldn’t stick to by herself more, next advising Asami she liked the lady

They concluded this new turf battle along with her, having Asami indicating her own protective front when Tokuga assaulted Korra, yelling within your to acquire their “slimy scales” from this lady partner.

Immediately after she conserved Asami and you can determined you to definitely she is actually okay, Korra kissed Asami facing several of people they know, revealing their relationships

At that time between it together with start of the second comical, Ruins Of your Kingdom, Korra and you will Asami presumably generated the dating totally social, as in Spoils Of your Kingdom he is frequently shown are affectionate to one another in front of some one beyond its instantaneous family.